Monday, November 5, 2012

Working as a sub writer

I am an article writer. I am a blogger too. I like blogging. That’s why I started writing. Now I started writing on a magazine too. Everywhere I write whatever I feel. When I write, I always keep myself in front of me, and keep telling myself, what I want to say. And this is exactly what I write. My audience is me.

I took work from net as a freelancer. People give me keywords to write articles. I write and submit. Then never could claim for that work. Mostly I am working as a sub writer. That means a well-known writer give me writing job. I write for them. As clients didn’t give me work directly so I can’t say in my profile that I have done this company’s job. Still my work profile looks empty. So, any new company will not recruit me that I don’t have any work experience. And also as a sub writer I am getting very low payment. After working for hours then getting very low payment isn’t making me satisfy in my work. Because writing became my passion, I am writing with a very low pay.
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