Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A village woman life

A marriage life continues on the basis of acceptance. The length of the marriage life depends how much you can accept your partner (both good and bad). In this subcontinent marriage life goes almost for life long. I should say here both (husband and wife) has good power of acceptance. And you have to agree that mostly girls accept and sacrifice their life to keep the marriage life. It’s not because of religion, because, religion stays all over the world. It’s because of our social condition.

Girls not feel safe outside from their home. No matter how much they tortured in their home. They knew it very well, if they go out, whole society will start torturing her both physically and mentally, and then what’s the benefit of leaving the relation? This society will never let you leave in piece.

In villages it’s very common to hear that today that person has beaten up his wife, she is in very tough condition, that family has killed their daughter in law by beating up or by poison. People accept this like news in morning tea. This is happening for generation after generation. But still you won’t hear that a woman has left his husband and living alone. You can’t, your society won’t let you live like that.

Even you will torture other people, if you get chance to torture someone. She could be your brother in law or daughter in law. You also won’t miss your opportunity to make the hell someone one’s life. This is the situation of a woman’s life in this subcontinent.

The son grows up by watching this situation. And he does the same with his wife.
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