Monday, December 10, 2012

Can road construction be done in winter season in Bangladesh

Can road construction be done in winter season in Bangladesh, unbelievable? Last Thursday we went to Coopers at Shanti nagar chowrasta. We (me and my son) went there through Shanti Nagar main road and surprise to see that one side of the road has been constructed smoothly… I surprise, in this good weather? Hmm Bangladesh is changing a bit then (or someone may need money before rain, just kidding). Generally all road construction done in this country is in the rainy season. And when rain is over, the road goes back to its previous condition.

I don’t like temporary maintenance of roads too. Because the way the construction company will fix the road, it won’t last after a month. So, again you have to work with the road (if you do so or keep it just like that which generally happens). My suggestion is whatever you do, do it permanently. At least it should go for years.
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