Monday, December 24, 2012

For the first time, my son let me go outside alone

Shafeen took this picture by himself.

After my son’s birth, there are very few places, where I went without him. He also made me promise that I can’t go anywhere without him. Yesterday suddenly he changed his mind. I wanted to go outside; I asked my son (Shafeen, 4 years old) will you go with me. I knew he will say yes, and will start jumping. But he said, NO. I will stay home alone and will play. Just open my moto1 game (I had to change the graphic settings). That will be enough. I again asked, are you sure? Yes, he said. “I don’t have any problem, I can stay alone”. Hmm, my son has grown up. He is now letting me go out without him!

I thought I will ask someone to stay at home from my mother’s house; I just can’t let him stay alone. By this time my elder sister came, she said she will sleep at her room. I requested her to keep her room’s door open. That’s it. My son will stay by himself… just for emergency keep your door open for him. She agrees.

While I was getting ready, my mom came to take care of her rood/baranda garden. She saw the situation and told me, she will take Shafeen with her home, so no worry. When I was at the door, suddenly Shafeen run towards me. He didn’t say anything just looking at me. I know what he wants; he wanted me to ask him to come with me. No dear, if anyone wants to leave me once, I never let them come back to me again. So, no mercy for my son too and he knew it. So, finally he asked me, will you bring me a toy where ever you go. I replied, I will buy it from the small shop at the door, will it be ok? He gave me a smile and said YES. Then I went alone to Shantinagar Meena Bazar.
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