Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poisonous insects in life

In your life, sometimes you may find some insects. They will take every favour from you, and at the end they will bite. No matter how hard you try, you can’t change them. Whenever they come close to you they will try to destroy you and in most cases they will succeed. Because they are very intelligent in their work and very dedicated what they are doing. You can’t be so nasty like them.

One way is to get rid of them is to avoid them physically and mentally. Other way is to attack them with a big brain. You may win (no guaranty) but if you not, they will again fall you down. That’s their nature. When they need you, they will become very best friend of you, and after taking your favour they will be in their real face. As they know how to make friend, they will make others against you. That even your friends won’t believe you but them.

In my life I met 2 insects like this. From one I had got a terrible byte, that didn’t cure totally till now. And I somehow manage to get rid of other by just avoiding.
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