Sunday, December 30, 2012

Shafeen’s first tour in Dhaka Zoo

Me and Shafeen, Shafeen fall in sleep.

Last Friday (December 28, 2012) my elder sister asked me, would I like to go to Dhaka Zoo (at Mirpur 1)? Shafeen said YES! Tameem (my elder sister’s son) told him many stories about animals and zoo. Like, they can ride on elephant and horse, can see many animal etc. My son became very excited.

At 9am we start from home. We took foot over bridge on KamalapurRailway Station. Children were very to see the trains. It was very cold all over the day. I thought when we start walking we won’t need any sweater, but every moment we are feeling its getting more cold. Whole day we felt the same weather.

Then we took a bus “Shokolpo” to the Zoo. It was Friday, so we didn’t face any traffic jam, though whenever but stops in any stoppage my son asking me, are we there? My sister Sharmin replied, we have to go to the last stoppage to reach the Zoo.

We cut ticket and get inside. Children didn’t want to miss to ride on the elephant so we look at the map and decide to go to the elephant’s place first. It was at the end of the Zoo. We look at other cages on the way to the elephant. Those animals that can fly or climb up can get rid of the cold concrete floor, but others don’t have choice, I really felt bad for those animals.

Shafeen (my 4 years old son) enjoyed a lot. Even after reaching home he wanted to go back there. I said OK, I will put you in a cage and stay there. Then he changed his mind.

My suggestion for the visitors is take plenty of food and beverage with you, don’t even think to buy from inside because they will bill triple and even more which you didn’t order. They will just put it on your table, whether you take or not will bill in your account. And you can take a big cloth to sit and enjoy. For children you can take ball, racket or anything to play.

We found horse to ride. Shafeen first was very afraid to ride on it, but after riding he didn’t want to get down. We had to buy ticket for other round. Both Tameem and Shafeen touch the horse and they were very happy that the horse didn’t get angry. We waited for the elephant too, but horse guy informed us that for last two months they didn’t bring out the elephant.

Shafeen wanted to play with the dust too, but his cruel mother again didn’t let him do. So, he decided to walk with his aunt and bro but mother. His mother also disturbed him a lot to wear the cap because of cold weather.

One thing really surprises me. We didn’t see any coldweather bird in the lake. The lake was empty. What happen? Isn’t it time to come our migratory guest birds? Did we pollute the lake too much that they didn’t come? Or we eat them all! Allah knows.

We get back home again with bus, this time, we took bus to firmgait first. Then Firmgait to Malibugh circle. In bus Shafeen fall in sleep. I felt really difficult to change bus with a sleeping boy. But we enjoyed every moment.
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