Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Different experience with different income oriented people

Shafeen with an elite look

In our country you can easily communicate or mix with the middle class people. Where we face little difficulty with upper class and too lower class people. Let me tell you how I had experienced.

That time I was studying at the 1st year at Geography & Environment in Dhaka University. Our mam one day give us a survey task. That we have to go, door to door, who has little plantation at their home and check how much space they occupied with that. This was my first survey to communicate directly. I was little afraid. So, I took my cousin bro with me. I thought people won’t let me get in their house, because first they don’t know me, then I will take their time and will irritate them with my questioners. But responses were totally different. I just told them I came from Dhaka University and they opened their door and take me inside their house. They wanted to feed me whatever they have and happily helped me in my survey. They were all middle class family (I took this survey in a middle class area).

When I was studying in second year, we went to Haluaghat at Maymansing. It’s a border area and most people are lower income family. I told them several times that I came from Dhaka University, I don’t have any contact with government, and they didn't listen. They told me to take their pictures and story and told this to prime minister. I had to stay at their home for couple of minutes, except they complain didn't get much. Only one Garo (a tribal society) family looks living very well. They welcome us and let us sit and let us see inside their house. All were looking beautiful. They were not living too lower income status.

In our final year we went to Bagerhat. This time our team got job to take survey to upper class family. First I sit in a tea stall and take a cup of tea and discuss with the tea maker who are the rich family in this area, who has more than one lakh income monthly. I found my informer knows a lot. He gave us information about contractor, doctor and business man’s address. And later I found he was totally correct with his info.

Here people asked us too many questions (we were 3 girls) before they open the door, then didn't get inside the home unless they take little interview of us. Good, all should think about their security. Then nobody wanted to answer my survey questions, they afraid, all will go to government and that may create problem. I ensured them these are only for educational purpose, and finally somehow manage them. One old man didn't convince at all. He was a business man. So, I had to make some tricks. I asked all question like I was gossiping with him. And he answered all. Later we got to know who interviewed the middle class family really got warm reception and again who interviewed the lower class, faced problem.
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