Thursday, January 24, 2013

In which group do I belong?

Me with my headache in the morning, at my son’s school

How do you join a group? Not online, I am talking about off line. From my childhood wherever I went, I have seen within few days people make small groups. Like in school, college, university, office, home everywhere. And after the grouping I always found myself alone.

Am I so boring? Who knows? Do I hurt people, no? Then why this happens? I don’t know, but one thing for sure, problem is in me. Everybody can’t be wrong.

Once I discussed about this to my school friend (off course after passing school), I talk and became friend with everybody, but no is my close friend. People have different circle, how to join there. My friend told me, it’s so simple, pick a group, and then go to them when they are talking by making a circle. Give a big slap on someone’s shoulder, and say “aare dost (hey friend)!” Allah help me, I didn’t follow that.

Now I am watching the same situation in my new place. It’s a waiting place of guardians of my son’s school. First, all were sitting together. Now group developed. One is lower middle class, another one is middle class. Me? No where. I watch, listen and talk with them all. I have no problem to mix with any of them or they don’t hesitate to talk with me. But I don’t belong to any group. Here one thing is good, now a day I have headache every morning (every day), so it’s better to keep quite in the morning.
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