Friday, January 4, 2013

May be I can spend some time out, without any reason

Enjoying food in a restaurant

I am thinking to give myself a holiday. Hey I can give it to myself in a year at least. Where can I go? Just spend some time of my own. May be I can sit in a place and let my child play. What about boomers? I can sit and watch my son playing and spend some time without doing anything, not even thinking (tasting food will be OK). If I found known persons there then only can have some chitchat for nothing. Thinking….

Finally (at 1.30pm) I had to change my mind. My younger sister (Shekha Shafiuddin) offered us (me and my son) to go to Ramna Park to enjoy Winter Pitha Utshob (or something like that). So I canceled my holiday (to walk alone) and joining other team’s plan.

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