Sunday, January 6, 2013

Paush Mela 2013, Ramna Park

I wanted to take the picture of the sun… but don’t know why, it showing blank in the sky.

We went to Poush mela (traditional Bangla winter fair) at Ramana Park, Dhaka. We mean me, Shafeen (my 4 years old son), my youngest sister Shekha, her husband Ashiq and their daughter Dia. Before reaching the park Shafeen showed the park from CNG and informed us that this was his school when he was a kid (generally on way I show him this was my school, this was collage etc, and he wanted to do that too)!

In “Poush mela” first we saw a stage, where children were getting ready for performance and long sitting arrangements for the visitor. Beside that U shape line for the stalls, where mostly Pitha (Bangladeshi traditional cake) was introduced for the visitors. Some of them were making pitha in the stall. Some came with jelly, aachar (preserved food and vegetables), bed cover, cushion cover, chatpati etc.

We tasted different pitha and enjoyed the songs. I like some old Bangla songs. Like “Mothu maloti dake aaye...” with some traditional folk songs like “takdhum takdhum bajay Bangladesher dhol…” etc.

Then we went to Ramna restaurant garden, where children played on grass. They wanted to remove fence around a tree because they believed tree shouldn’t be in any cage. A cure little girl joined our family to do this job. Other children also joined with these kids in playing (actually running).

Shafeen found a bike in the mela (fair), I asked the rider to let my son ride. They (a guy with a little girl) agreed, so Shafeen (then Dia followed his brother) sit on the bike.

After Magreeb prayer we came back to home.
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