Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today Shafeen joined with Shahbagh protesters.

Today Shafeen joined with Shahbagh protesters. We saw different activity of them, to show how much people want the supreme punishment for the war criminal. Because they murdered hundreds of people, rape women, fire up people’s house and many more war crimes. So, People don’t want to see any other punishment but the death penalty. Today was the sixth day in Shahbagh where people gathered for justice and death penalty for the war criminals. While we were there Bangladesh national cricketers and Students of Jagannath University joined with the Shahbag protesters.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Worldwide news media are now covering news of Shahbagh (Projonmo square) protest.

Worldwide news medias are now covering news of Shahbagh (Projonmo square) protest. I am sharing BBC news:

8 February 2013

People from all walks of life went to the demonstration

Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis have joined protests in Dhaka to demand the death penalty for a political leader convicted of war crimes.

Protests have grown since Abdul Kader Mullah was given life on Tuesday for crimes including torture, murder and rape during the 1971 independence war.

Supporters of Mullah's party, the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami, held protests calling for his release.

The party says Mullah is the victim of a political vendetta.

Ten others are on trial, including eight other Jamaat members and two members of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), one a former minister.

They are accused of atrocities during the 1971 war when Bangladesh, then called East Pakistan, fought to secede from Pakistan.

The authorities say the defendants opposed independence and either fought alongside or actively supported the West Pakistan authorities.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made prosecuting war crimes a key goal of her government.

Jamaat is an ally of the BNP, Sheikh Hasina's bitter political rivals.

Mullah is the second defendant to be found guilty by the special tribunal.

Last month, former Jamaat leader Abul Kalam Azad was sentenced to death in absentia.

'Biggest in years'
Thousands have been holding vigils in Dhaka throughout the week calling for a ban on the J-e-I and the death penalty for party leaders on trial, on the grounds that they were involved in mass killings.

The organisers called for a grand rally on Friday, a weekend day in Bangladesh, to urge the authorities to reconsider Mullah's life sentence.

Protesters used social media to boost numbers at the rally.

The BBC's Anbarasan Ethirajan in Dhaka says there has been an unusual outpouring of feeling.

People from all walks of life, with doctors, professors and even sports personalities taking part in what is described as the biggest protest march in recent years, he says.

Shahbag Square in Dhaka has a festive look, with people holding various cultural events as part of the protest, our correspondent adds.

"We will not return home unless we get justice, complete justice," Shakil Ahmed, a college student, told the Associated Press news agency.

"I did not see 1971, but those who killed our people and helped Pakistani troops in their effort to halt the creation of Bangladesh should be hanged."

Mullah, 64, the assistant secretary general of Jamaat, was found guilty of being behind a series of killings.

They included massacres in the Mirpur area of Dhaka that earned him the nickname "koshai [butcher] of Mirpur", and made him one of the more feared Jamaat leaders.

Official estimates say more than three million people were killed in the 1971 war.

Friday, February 8, 2013

From all over the world Bangladeshi people are joining with the Shahbagh protesters.

Now people of Bangladesh are demanding death penalty for war criminal Quader Mollah from all over the world. From all of the country all Bangladeshi people want to show that they are together with the protesters of Shahbagh people in Bangladesh.
In North Carolina, US

at McKimmon Center

In London, UK
People are going to get together at Altab Ali Park, February 08, 2013 for their demand of the punishment of war criminal.

In Toronto, Canada
Thursday, February 7, 2013
4:00pm until 5:00pm in EST In front of Gharoa Restaurant, Danforth Avenue. People are going to specially the student of Toronto and York University are making gathering to protest the war criminals and bring them all under death penalty.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

People won’t leave until they got the death penalty for the war criminal Quader Molla.

In Shahbagh, Projonmo chattar. Photo from: Sharat Chowdhury
Now in Sylhet and Chittagong and in other cities, activists also gathered to protest ICT (the International Crimes Tribunal) verdict. They said they won’t leave until they got the death penalty for the war criminal Quader Molla. And now this is the main headline in TV media. It’s became the main topic in talk show in TV channel (Somoy). 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Activists Gathered Shahbag To Protest ICT Verdict

Sharing the news from

Activists Gathered Shahbag To Protest ICT Verdict
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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00
Shahbag Square
Shahbag Square
Thousands of people, including students of Dhaka University, blogger and Online Activist Network, activists of different socio-cultural organization exploded into protest as the International Crimes Tribunal sentenced the Jamaat leader to the ‘lighter life sentence.’
The people had positioned themselves blocking the key Shahbagh intersection since the afternoon demanding Quader Mollah's death penalty.

Video News: Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict

Blogger at Online Activists Network organized the agitation, what they said, demanding the capital punishment of Quader Mollah for crime against humanity during the 1971 War of Liberation at around 5pm in front of the National Museum. Later it blossomed into a huge gathering of people from across the broad spectrum of society.

Songs were being sung, poems recited, slogans chanting, films screened and speeches were made during the agitation.
The protest organizers said they would not budge from there until their demand was met.
Meanwhile, several leftist leaders, also the key allies of ruling Awami League have thrown their weight behind the demonstrations orchestrated by the young people.
Jatiyatabadi Samajtantrik Dal (JaSad) President and Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu said, “I am a freedom fighter. Quader Molla was sentenced to death in the mock trials in the Jahanara Imam-led Gonoadalot (Court of the People), only 500 yards from here.”
 “Why did he get life imprisonment today? I reject this verdict. We do not accept this verdict. I reject this as a freedom fighter, even if I am a minister or whatever.”

Shahbag Square
Shahbag Square

Video News:Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict

Communist Party of Bangladesh President Mujahidul Islam Selim said they would demonstrate on Wednesday in the streets starting from Central Shaheed Minar to Bahadur Shah Park over the same demand.
Soon after the information minister's departure, Former Acting President of Dhaka University Teachers Association and Pharmacy Department Professor ABM Faruk who came with the banner of Dhaka University General Teachers expressed their solidarity to the crowds demanding the Mollah's capital punishment.
Poet, literatures and teachers including Film and Television Studies Department Chairman Professor AZM Shafiul Alam
Bhuiyan, Chairman Sangkrit Department Dr Ashim Sarker, Dr Mofizul Haq and Abul Monsur Ahmed of Mass Communication and Journalism Department expressed their solidarity to the crowds.
At first, hours after the verdict was delivered, a human-chain protest was held in front of the National Museum at around 5pm demanding death for Molla.
But a huge number of youths started heading towards Shahbagh from far and wide of the capital after the news of human chain was out on Facebook and other social networking websites.
“We reject the tribunal’s verdict,” Mahmudul Haque Munsi, member of the Blogger and Online Activist Network which started the protest, told “We would not turn back from the streets until Quader Molla gets death sentence.”
Munsi said the verdict had betrayed three million martyrs and 200,000 daughter and mothers of the land violated during the War of Independence.
The demonstrator wondered why the Jamaat Assistant Secretary General was given life term instead of a death sentence as “it was proven that Molla had murdered hundreds”.
He said their preliminary plan was to take out processions and stage rallies, but the blockade took place as everyone demanded.
Another demonstrator, Imran H Sarker, said they would stay overnight at Shahbagh and continue the siege, but would not return home until Molla is handed down the death sentence.
Meanwhile, Slogan-71, an organisation of Dhaka University, took out a torch procession in the evening over the same demand. The procession joined the demonstration at Shahbagh after marching down the DU campus streets.
The air at Shahbagh was filled with chants while the legendary mass music ‘Bicharpoti tomar bichar korbe jara, aj jegeche sei janata’ ('O Justice, the people who will try you have risen now') was sung many times.
Dhaka University Film Society (DUFS) also set up a big screen and showed several films based on the Liberation War including ‘Stop Genocide’, ‘Muktir Gaan’, ‘Aguner Parashmoni’, ‘Al-Badr’ and ‘Agami’ and many more.
DUFS President Ariful Islam informed press that they would keep screening movies as long as the demonstration continued.
Students of the Faculty of Fine Arts drew mock images of Razakars on long plain white cloths.
Protestors were also seen collecting money among themselves to arrange for dinner.
Beside that National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Chairman Mizanur Rahman, former CPB President Monjurul Ahsan Khan, Ganaforum leader Pankaj Bhattyacharya, first Bangladeshi conqueror of Mount Everest Musa Ibrahim, Student Union President SM Shuvo also have expressed their solidarity to the crowds.

Video News: Protest Against Quader Mollah Verdict

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where are we taking our country?

When I was a kid, I had heard in Africa people kills people, don’t have any law, only power (money and strength) role there. When I was in high school, I have seen how Middle East became a war place by Gulf war. People have no value of life. They are born to kill by any group.
Now what I am watching in my country (Bangladesh)? What is going on? For political benefit, people are murdered anytime, anywhere. Poor guardians keep quite by getting 1 to 3 lakh (0.5 million) taka. Case dismisses.

What is going on? Where are we taking our country?

In the name of political action we have seen party people use to through brick or stone to the running bus, people get injures, then they start breaking bus by sticks, again people use to get injure. Then they start burning buses, owner faced the loss. Now they start burning people, regularly. And saying to us these are some small incidence of political action, for greater gain we have to suffer. Don’t we have brain? Can’t we see? Do we want this happen again and again?

Monday, February 4, 2013

3 recipes for junk food lovers

When I go outside I don’t buy food from any 5star hotel. I buy it from any available food court where a middle class family may go, and mostly junk food, because they are delicious and generally we don’t make it at home. And I must say most of them look very delicious and some really taste delicious, but every where I found poor food quality. Like, in some place I found fresh chicken broast, crispy French fry and then dump coleslaw.

So, I had to find my own solution. Why I need to depend on the restaurant to taste our favorite food. Now recipes are available on net. Just search and follow how to make it, and make it. May be first it won’t be like that but you will find it more delicious and off course with quality food ingredients (I am sure, you are not going to add any fabric color in food). And it will save your money too.

Here I like to share 3 recipes what everybody likes to eat, French fry, chicken fry and crispy chicken fry like KFC.

French fry (taken from Siddika Kabir’s recipe):
Ingredients: potato (5), flour (1 tea spoon), oil (for deep fry), salt (as much as you like), ground black pepper (8/1 tea spoon).

  • Cut all potato by 1cm width and 5cm long
  • Wash it and drain all water.
  • Mix flour with the potato.
  • Put oil in your fry pan and make it hot.
  • Put all potato into the oil and fry it in low heat for 12/15 minutes (until the potato became soft or cooked)
  • The make your heat high and fry till the potato became golden.
  • Now take out your French fry from the pan and put it in a bowl and mix salt and grounded black pepper. 

Chicken fry (taken idea from Nigella)
Ingredients: chicken pieces, milk (to boil chickens), egg (2), ground black pepper, salt, oil (to fry chicken)

  • Boil chicken pieces in milk
  • Take two eggs, salt and ground pepper and mix well
  • Put a chicken piece in the egg then fry it in the oil

Crispy chicken fry like KFC (taken from youtube, I forget the chef’s name)

Ingredients: flour, dry grounded onion, dry grounded garlic, paprika, black pepper, salt, chicken pieces, eggs, milk, oil.
In bowl take flour, dry grounded onion, dry grounded garlic, paprika, black pepper, salt and mix together.
Take another bowl and mix egg and milk nicely.
Now take your oil in boiling level to fry chicken.
Take a piece of chicken and put it in the egg, then in the flour and make sure flour gets attached all over the piece, then again in the egg mixture and again in the flour.
Now put it in the oil, fry it for 12 to 15 minutes (according to your chicken size).

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shafeen found his Mita

“Shafeen” (my son) was 1 year and 7 months old boy. We went to “Bashundhara city shopping mall” at “Deshi Dash”. Where suddenly I heard a woman, is calling a baby by the name “Shafeen”. I asked her, is his name “Shafeen”. She said yes and that kid is also in same age. So, Shafeen found his Mita (same named people). My father said; let’s take a picture of them. Then the difficult part came, it was very difficult to make them stand in one place for just a click. My elder sister helped me to hold them for few second. But as they were moving picture didn’t came clear.

Friday, February 1, 2013

My son’s recent demand is bicycle

My son’s recent craze is bicycle. He has one, actually that was mine (when I was 6 years old, my dad bought it for me from Saudi Arabia). As time passed the cycle became old and had some problem. My mother made some permanent fixing to make it run. This is where my son has some objections. Let me explain.

Like other kid’s bicycle, it has two little extra tire to make balance. My son wants to remove it, as he saw it in other adult cycle. But my mother made it permanent, so it can’t be removed. So, he is now demanding a new bicycle. On the road whenever he saw any bicycle he stops moving and asks me to give him a bicycle like this. I always said “Yes” (though I don’t know when). Sometimes he wants to take away a bicycle which might he found parking beside the road, I had to make him realize that he can’t take others things.

Recently he discovers in “Rio” animation film that there is a bicycle which can be ride by 3 peoples. So, this became his new demand. I asked him, who else is going to ride with you? He replied, “first me (himself), then my friend”. I had asked, then? He said, “Then you”. I am happy; in my son’s dream tour he included me. I don’t care who is going to come in my son’s life, I am going to love her more than her own mother, because she is going to live in my son’s heart, where I can never hurt.