Monday, February 4, 2013

3 recipes for junk food lovers

When I go outside I don’t buy food from any 5star hotel. I buy it from any available food court where a middle class family may go, and mostly junk food, because they are delicious and generally we don’t make it at home. And I must say most of them look very delicious and some really taste delicious, but every where I found poor food quality. Like, in some place I found fresh chicken broast, crispy French fry and then dump coleslaw.

So, I had to find my own solution. Why I need to depend on the restaurant to taste our favorite food. Now recipes are available on net. Just search and follow how to make it, and make it. May be first it won’t be like that but you will find it more delicious and off course with quality food ingredients (I am sure, you are not going to add any fabric color in food). And it will save your money too.

Here I like to share 3 recipes what everybody likes to eat, French fry, chicken fry and crispy chicken fry like KFC.

French fry (taken from Siddika Kabir’s recipe):
Ingredients: potato (5), flour (1 tea spoon), oil (for deep fry), salt (as much as you like), ground black pepper (8/1 tea spoon).

  • Cut all potato by 1cm width and 5cm long
  • Wash it and drain all water.
  • Mix flour with the potato.
  • Put oil in your fry pan and make it hot.
  • Put all potato into the oil and fry it in low heat for 12/15 minutes (until the potato became soft or cooked)
  • The make your heat high and fry till the potato became golden.
  • Now take out your French fry from the pan and put it in a bowl and mix salt and grounded black pepper. 

Chicken fry (taken idea from Nigella)
Ingredients: chicken pieces, milk (to boil chickens), egg (2), ground black pepper, salt, oil (to fry chicken)

  • Boil chicken pieces in milk
  • Take two eggs, salt and ground pepper and mix well
  • Put a chicken piece in the egg then fry it in the oil

Crispy chicken fry like KFC (taken from youtube, I forget the chef’s name)

Ingredients: flour, dry grounded onion, dry grounded garlic, paprika, black pepper, salt, chicken pieces, eggs, milk, oil.
In bowl take flour, dry grounded onion, dry grounded garlic, paprika, black pepper, salt and mix together.
Take another bowl and mix egg and milk nicely.
Now take your oil in boiling level to fry chicken.
Take a piece of chicken and put it in the egg, then in the flour and make sure flour gets attached all over the piece, then again in the egg mixture and again in the flour.
Now put it in the oil, fry it for 12 to 15 minutes (according to your chicken size).
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