Saturday, March 30, 2013

When you have brand name, you should focus on quality

To save money, I generally shop from nearby store. I went to shopping mall only to buy the things which is not available in general store. In the shopping malls, you will see, several sales people are available to help you. They are for you, with a nice smile. Good. In most cases I have seen they tries to give better product (like, when they are giving tomato, they will search for good ones and give you that), but sometimes they try to give you the faulty things. This is where I have objection. When I buy from footpath, I never complain with their product quality, I know, with their condition, they can’t give you good product. But I don’t expect this from shopping mall.

In “Agora” and “Meena Bazar” I found problem very few time, but I have big complain with “Shopno”. “Shopno” has more branches than any other; they can be more popular than others. But whenever I visit there I found they try to give faulty things, not give free products by themselves (you have to ask them).  If you have responsibility then you have to be honest and careful.

Today I went to “Shopno” at Malibagh (my sister suggested). My son has chosen a helicopter. I asked them to run it that I can check whether it is in good condition or not. They said no worry, everything is good. When I was at payment counter, I asked again to run it once. They did but on that moment I was busy with paying the bill and collecting all goods. My son (4 years old) checked the toy with them. I saw propellers are not working fine, I told them, and they replied its ok, just need to adjust bla bla bla.  At home, I found one propeller is broken.
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