Saturday, April 20, 2013

ও পাখি তোর যন্ত্রনা, আর তো প্রানে সয় না

I am sure Bangladeshi birds start reading blogs. Because, I didn’t say to anybody, only I had written in blog that I scared of birds. Now, they started scaring me.

I had added net in Bathroom’s window to stop birds making nest on the window. But yesterday, when I opened the bathroom’s door, a male sparrow was flying inside the bathroom; don’t know how it managed to get inside. Obviously I shouted in fear then close the door. My son run to me and asked what happen? I told him. He said, let me see, so I hide inside the room and my boy (4 years old boy) opened the bathroom’s door. In the mean time the bird thought he had scared me enough and left (don’t know how).

Again I went to bathroom; I checked few more times and realize that the bird has gone. And it dropped some dirt on the bathroom floor.
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