Friday, April 26, 2013

I salute to you people


One day some crack found in a building and the next day the 9 stored building collapse. Thousands of people (garments worker) trapped inside the building and hundreds of them became death.

In this crucial situation some Bangladeshi proves without have proper instrument, guidance or life shelter things could be changed. As the big slides and pillars cannot be moved, they are cutting small holes inside the collapsed building and taking people out. Many general people are sending money to buy building cutter, oxygen, medicine, mask, light etc to help them.

All the clinics and hospital of that area (Savar) are taking wounded people and giving treatment. The volunteers are giving blood, helping to bring out people, collecting money, surrounding the news (what they need now and how can be given) to the country people. I salute to you all. You people show the world, we are human and we help each other. Wish you success always. And May nothing harms happen to you guys and also to the trapped people.
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