Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nature to follow other people

Nature to follow other people sometimes good, but mostly not, I think. I never follow others, but my son does. I know this is a kid’s natural behavior, but here it’s going little more than that.

Before going to school my son uses follow his cousins. First, he didn't feel any trouble to share his toys with others. But he found, his cousins don’t want to share anything, he started doing that. In school, he first went and sits his chair quietly and started learning many things of knowledge. But now he started grabbing other children’s attitude. Now every now and then he starts crying (he wasn't a crying baby), he started saying he won’t go to school any more (in the morning he willingly goes to school and don’t want to come back), he started fighting with other boys as this is one kind of game (he use to sit quietly in his sit), he is not concentrating his teacher but his friends attitude (he use to learn everything from his teacher), kissing on wall’s fish picture (one of his classmate does, I saw yesterday). One day I saw a boy from nursery start kicking the notice board, it was noising terribly. My son saw that too. He run there and starts kicking the notice board. In the mean time a guard came and makes him stop.

Other guardians, teachers and students are becoming annoyed with my son. I really don’t know how to make him stop from this following other’s attitude. Many times I tried to make him realize, no matter what others do, if it is bad, then don’t follow. He says yes, then again in school…. I really don’t know what more I can do. I know he is following because he likes it. If this going on, what he is going to grab every bad attitude he sees. I don’t want that.
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