Monday, April 22, 2013

Study after admitting in a school.

Here Shafeen was 1 year and 8 months old and very happy to do his study.

It is very common scenario that before going to school, children cries to go to school. They like to study and do many more things. But you know, we parents shouldn’t be happy to see these, because, this attitude is temporary. The character of study will come out when he will admit in a school.

Shafeen liked to study before going to school. He is now in “Play group”. Still he likes his school very much. And every day I had to fight with him to bring him home from school. The way he cries, people will say a kidnaper is taking a boy from school. At home he tells me that he wants to do the homework and study. But when I sit with him to complete those, he doesn’t felt any energy to do so. Every day I spend one hour to make him believe that there is a thing, called study. And he spends that time to test my patient. How long I can tolerate him with jumping and not writing and drawing where he should write. Oh Allah help me.
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