Sunday, May 26, 2013

Behaving in service

Shafeen at Capricorn, food court, Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Customer care, customer service whatever you name about your service, you have to be polite, caring, well behaved and know some Technic to manage any kind of situation. That’s what I think. Giving good service is a new thing to Bangladesh. Don’t surprise, it is a new thing. Generally in our country wherever we go we always felt that it is our need that we go there and their mercy that they are giving service to us. No matter how much we pay.

I have gotten good customer care in some places. I must say that. But in some places I expected and didn't get good behaviour, really hurt me. One of my favourite food courts is Capricorn at Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. They have different sections and I felt foods are fresh enough to keep your body well, like bakery, meal, juice, ice-cream, fast food section etc. They main attraction of that place is they have a game corner and my son loves to play over there. Little expensive that you have to buy coins by 25 taka each and play for a while in a machine.

When my son starts playing he forgets about everything. Especially the food, I always take a sit near the game corner (here AC doesn't work well) to keep an eye on my son. As he denied taking any food and I knew from the morning he didn't take anything I take the plate with pizza in one hand and with another start feeding him while playing. The coins finish with few seconds. So every now and then we had to buy more coins. And after some time we thought we should stop now. But my son can’t stop himself he went to the counter and start asking the counter person “uncle, uncle, please give me a coin”. He (my 4 years old son) thought if he (my son) asks the person will give him coin. I thought the person will ask him to bring money from his parents or anything like that. But that person first didn't say anything then told me, “take care of your son and don’t feed him here. We don’t allow food here. “I really fall ashamed. I didn't know this rule as it wasn't mentioned anywhere. I drag my son out from the counter and put the plate on our table. Asked him to eat, as expected he didn't take any more food, but keep playing. I wish I could leave that place, but couldn't, because, my son was very happy to play over there, even without any coin. I felt that person shouldn't be rude with me like that. He could manage and say the same thing in other way.
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