Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enjoying time with mothers of my son’s school.

We went to Shafeen’s class mate Eshaan’s home

In the morning all of us faces rush our, had to get up early and get ready, then woke up our kids, make them ready, fed them and out to school. No time to take breakfast. Then we had to stay in school till the class finishes. You can understand how hungry we can be. So mothers decided we will buy snacks and everyday one of us will be responsible to pay. Two of us go out from school and buy food for all of us. Our common snacks are Singara (in hindi Samose), Porota and mixed vegetable, porota and omlette, chicken roll etc. Sometimes some mom brings food from home, like jorda, noodles, pitha, chicken curry with porota etc. Sometimes we visits home of mummy’s who stayed near school. Then take their home made food. This is a different life which only mothers can have J I like them all.
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