Saturday, May 4, 2013

Found an easy way to control weight

These were served at my elder sister birthday. Fried rice, mashed potato, keema and chicken curry

Recently from a TV show I got an idea on losing weight. I started practicing it. Little difficult to control the mind set on food, but can be done without any extra activity. Moreover it will help to reduce some cost on regular food cost. Let me tell you in details.

That person suggest to
  • Stop taking all meat and fish.
  • Stop taking oily food, like polau, biriyani etc and junk food.
  • Follow this simple suggestion for 3 months and check the result.

I really felt interest so started doing it. I have checked my current weight (don’t ask me) and will check after 3 months. Hopefully I will see a good result. 

Now problem is what I will do in the invitations. In our country (Bangladesh), we invite guest and feed rich food (except pohela boishakh). Otherwise guests became dishearten. I really don’t know what I will do in these invitations. Like today at noon I have taken fried rice, chicken (my youngest sister fed). And I have a dinner party too. I heard they made chicken biriyani. Can’t avoid, right?
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