Thursday, May 30, 2013

Missed one bag

When we to the shopping mall we buy things at a time and bring home all the bags and there is less chance to miss any bag. But when you shop one store to another, there is a very good chance to miss any of the bags. Yes, you are right, I missed one bag yesterday and I don’t know how to prevent this problem.

Yesterday after Shafeen’s (my 4 years old son) school I stopped 4 times in 4 stoppages before reaching at home. After returning home I get busy to give shower to my son and feeding him, and then get freshen I. And finally I look at the bags and found one missing. It wasn't any costly item but they were needed in my everyday life. Now planning, tomorrow I will go that suspected stoppage (where I might dropped my bag) and will ask about it. Let’s see what in the future waiting for me. Otherwise I have to buy again. No problem. If you make mistake you have to make the correction.
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