Sunday, May 12, 2013

My mom, Sufia Ahmed

This picture had been taken at my elder sister’s marriage ceremony.

Here I mentioned my mom’s name, because I wanted her to be known with her own name, not as my mother. She has born in Faridpur. When she was in class 9, her dad wanted her to be married. To stop that marriage she cut her hair. And she succeeds.
Then she came Dhaka and joins in nursing course and completed 4 years course. In those days she has to send money to home to help her father’s family. That’s the starting. My grandparents are no more now. But still my mom keeps helping to all her siblings wherever they need.

Then she completed many more training including family planning. She became the trainer. This quality gives her opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia. On those days I and my elder sister came in this world. At first she couldn't take us, she has to go alone. I was very young, below 3 years old, so can’t remember anything. But she use to cry for her babies for whole night with our pictures. After some processing she could took us to her place. Later my father also joined us.

After five years we all came back to Bangladesh and my mom build her own house. Where we are living now. So, still I am in her shell. She raises her 5 children, gave us good education with extra cultural activity. Still she cooks, do gardening, and maintain building and everything. She is still work like a young woman.

I salute you mom. I wish I could do something for you (sometimes I cooked food and gave her; in some cases she said my cooking is very poor). 
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