Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is the position of your wife in your family?

I have seen, when a baby girl came on this earth how much happy her father became. They don’t understand what to do, to make this baby girl happy. It’s like an angel. From his heart he raises this baby day after day. What happen when some other family hurt this girl after marriage?

When you hurt your wife (mentally, physically or economically) do you ever think she is also a princess of some other person? You want to give the best for your baby girl. But your wife’s turn come after all expenses. After marriage a princess became a home slave with a day. Nobody will care for her any more; she is the unpaid slave to take care of all. Well people feed her; she has to be alive to work. She will get food after all other family member’s meal. Because it’s her duty to clean and complete other job after taking the meal. Moreover she will be reminded many times that she is taking food which is earned by some other person.
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