Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big trees beside the roads

Now a day we are making wide roads to solve our traffic problems. I will suggest adding one more thing. Please add big trees at both side of the road, if we have road divider then we can grow over there too. Here we better avoid fruit or good wood trees, because then people might have cut it down for their own benefit. It should be big tree which will give shadows on the road. Their fruits will be suitable for the birds and other creatures (like Debdaru or Cedrus deodara) only. The main reason of these trees is to give shadow to the passer by. And they will also help our eco system by helping birds and other creatures. It will give more green to our country.

Otherwise, when we pass the road, we really feel sick because of high temperature. Even, when you are in a vehicle you have to face this problem. If we can solve this problem with a natural way, we better try that.
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