Thursday, June 20, 2013

How much a polythene bag cost to a shopkeeper?

In Bangladesh we can’t think shopping without polythene bag. I guess it’s not costly that shop keepers easily give it to the customer free. But some very alert shopkeepers don’t want to expend more or want to use less than it needs. It’s not because of awareness of the environment, it‘s for save money for their own. Let me tell you what I faced. I went to Agora and buy a fish (Rui). I request them to cut it down and deliver to me. They did and gave it in a poly bag, which was covered with fish blood. I said, please put this bag into another poly bag that I can hold it and take it home with other things. The sales man denied. He said no worry madam, in the counter, they will give you cloth’s bag, and you can take it with that. But I again said, with cloth, blood will come out and mess my dress and other things, please just give me a polythene bag. But that sales man denied. Then other sales man also requests him, please give her a bag. The first sales person gave me a poly bag and I could here he was saying to the other sales man, this way how can we do the cost cutting. 

I generally buy eggs from a common shop. He has assistance. Whenever I buy eggs I asked him, please give me two poly bags that the eggs will remain good on the way to my home. He doesn't. When he handovers the eggs to me, I again asked him, please give me another polythene bag. He didn't. Then I had to ask this to the main shopkeeper. He gives instruction to his boy, and then only I can have two poly bags.
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