Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nobody wants to see “Rana plaza” incident in school

In front of Shafeen's school, picture was taken before picnic day

I go with my son to his school wait outside of the school and then bring him back. This is a regular duty. The school gives some plastic chairs to its portico where we use to sit and wait. Today while we were waiting outside suddenly a big destructive sound come to our ear. First we couldn't understand from where and why it is coming. Then the gate man said, oil finished in the generator that’s why its making this kind of noise, we are giving oil in it.

Two moms among us stand up and went to the gate; they wanted to bring out their kid from the school. Nobody wants to see “Rana plaza” incident once again. Again the gate man keep them out. He was closing the collapsible gate. But moms said, no you can’t do it. If anything happen, we should let the kids go out. The gate man was laughing for this anxious. But I really didn't like this incident. Really anything could have happened today.

My suggestion to all, if you need to run fans and lights or no big machinery in the power cut, then please use IPS. Batteries are much safer, easy to maintain and cost effective. If any mistake happens with the generator, it could cause very big trouble.

A mom were saying if anything happen to my kid, I will break part by part this **** **** school. I have only one son. On those moment I was thinking if anything starts to happen how I will run into the building and bring back my son, with as many kid as possible, will take my bag too, it has a strong pen, should be helpful to break things if needed…..etc.
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