Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A suggestion to stop wasting gas in home

I made tomato-daal in normal gas stove

In Bangladesh who has proper gas connection waste this energy in many ways. They keep the fire on even for hours they might not needed. Keep the fire in full volume when it might not need. Use it to dry cloths, shouldn’t do or in many other ways… When I was in Dhaka University one our teacher said, we should put miter on gas line. Then people will be alert not to waste a bit. They will turn it off even them might need it in 5 minutes… I disagree (though I couldn’t say this to my teacher) because we have miter in electricity connection. What you see in real life? Lots of system loss. Same thing might happen with gas line too. So my advice to stop wasting gas at home we should provide automatic burner for cooking for free. Then people won’t hesitate to stop the burner after or middle of cooking. We can see this in real life too. People who started this automatic cooking system don’t keep on the burner. It’s a becoming a good habit.
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