Monday, July 8, 2013

Now don’t have my CD collections

Shafeen and CD

Like all the people who work with computer I had a collection of CD's. Mostly software, backup files, few movies and few personal (marriage, son’s activities etc) etc. I bought few airtight plastic boxes to keep them safe and clean. It worked, until my son start playing with these. When I had to keep busy with work, I needed to give my son, something interesting for him. One of his favorite things is CD. So I gave him the boxes of CD and in the contrary he let me work. Result is almost all CD's missing. How? Very easy, few went under the box bed (not possible to bring them out now), few he dropped to dustbin and throw out to window, and few he made damage by pressing hardly with the floor. Others… don’t have any idea…. But my boxes became empty.
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