Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For travel lover, who doesn't have money to go wherever they want to go

Milonchhori bamboo cottage, Bandarban, Bangladesh

If you like traveling, you will like to visit new places whenever you have time (and money). There are 3 kinds of place you may choose according to your timing (and money). For very short time you may like to go to a place inside your city or just across the city. If you have 2/3 days then you might plan for a place inside country. If you have 4 or more than that, you may thing to go abroad.

So make a list on hard paper or on PC or cell phone. The new places you want to go, keep the authorized contact no, keep info about the closing days (like Sunday or some other day), timing (if there any opening time or closing), per day cost (if need to stay). This will help you to make plan when suddenly you found some time that you can take your bags and go away….

When money (not only the time) is your big problem, because you have a lot in your list to have for your life, then you can start saving money to fulfill your one wish list. Then a place to go, again get another thing from your wish list. This way you will get whatever you need, also can plan to go anywhere. You really need to go places for sometimes, to live, to breathe.

Wherever you go, you can make a small group for it. It will be better if you choose similar minded (match economically or where all have kids or all student or all from office or all from family or best friends) people in one group. It will give you more fun in your journey and also may help to reduce total cost.
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