Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to recognize people’s real face?

Me and my son's reflection on a pillar of a CNG station

In our life we always live on guesses. If we see, two things, our mind starts comparing those and come to a third situation, which is guessed. And we believe we are right. In some cases we get to know that we were wrong and in some cases we found we were right. This makes us more confident, that we might guess right always.

In my life generally I don’t believe people just because of their personality and words. I have seen most of times I guessed wrong if I believe what people are saying. I always check their works; you know works lies very less. But rare incidents happen. Some very smart people sometimes do good work to show them good, and at the end they show their real face, most of the time they keep hiding the real intention. But thanks Allah. These kinds of people are very less. If you meet this kind of people, they will ruin your life without any doubt and you won’t understand it unless you lose everything. I really don’t know how to be alert from these people.

But I don’t blame anyone but me. Why did I believe them? There was always a clue in front of me. Why didn’t I give attention on it? Why can’t I control my mind for affection? All is my fault.
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