Friday, September 6, 2013

Travel bag guide for moms

Shafeen (my son) at Fakhruddin restaurant

In Bangladesh, we moms always things, we should not take our kid outside, they may become sick, they might have sleeping problem, they won’t eat properly, they will disturb. But actually they will stay better with you, will feel great in outing, and as a mother, no matter how much you try, you can’t get rid of tension for your kid, so why not take them with you. Let’s all have good moment together.

If you think, you will take big luggage and will take everything in it then you have to change your mind a bit. For your kid you can carry a medium sized handbag (instead of small money bag). For the road you have to carry a pair of dress for your kid (if possible take 2 sets), some dry food (if your kid takes fider then take small different boxes of milk powder, sugar, hot water flask with bottle), diaper (if needed), water, plenty of tissues in side pocket. On road try to feed whatever you take as lunch or dinner or breakfast. It will be helpful for your kid to taste different and they will also like the journey and for you it will reduce feeding problem to your kid.
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