Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Money problem in middle class life

Shafeen working with his Tablet

The main problem in middle class life is limited budget. Whenever or whatever you plan for something, first you have to look at your budget. Then have to plan what can be done within it. It’s not like you first plan what are the things you want to do then look how much it will cost (I like that).

Soon my son will become 5 years old boy. As mom I can’t think what are the things I can do for him? First I have to see, on that time, how much budget I can manage then can think about others. Really don’t like the situation.

I wish I could have a door with full of money. I will take whatever I need (not more than that) and don’t have to think about income.

But the reality is because of this need life is beautiful. If I knew I can have whatever I want anytime, life will become boring. If have eaten at best restaurant, lived in the world best hotels, visit all favorite places I would have thought what next? What else I need to feel happy? My life might have stopped. Had to suspect others who might have kill me someday to take my money.

So actually the middle class life is beautiful.
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