Friday, November 8, 2013

We should have little more respect on women sections

In Bangladesh, we, women are little reserve. So, almost everywhere there is a women section, where women are working for women. Like security checking, lab testing, tailor etc. And it should be. But you know… women section is always very interesting for men. Boys will be boys, really difficult to make them understand to give some space for women.

Let me give you an example. In Mouchak Market, every tailor keeps a woman to take measurement of the girl’s body for making dresses. This is good. In the market, most of the tailor shops are surrounded by glass. So anybody can see other’s customer. When a lady start giving measurement by a lady, all the boys of other tailors start looking at her… and so on. You can assume it’s not a good feeling for any lady.

In every lab, they keep a woman (at least one) to take ECG. If you have experienced previously, you must understand it’s not a comfortable situation for any woman in front of any other person. In Square Hospital I had to test ECG (long time back). Among 3 staffs (all women) one took me in a covered area and start taking the report. When the ECG report were taking other staffs (woman) came and looked on me (you know what I mean) and left. I felt they came just to see my body! Allah knows, nobody will like this attitude.

We have to be little more civilized in these sections.
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