Saturday, December 14, 2013

We should take care about our country’s image

When a person visits other country, they don’t represent only themselves, but their country. When we see any Italian in our country, we watch how they talk, what is their behavior, what they eat and we assume all Italians are like that. Now when we go out to other country, we should remember that, we are actually representing out country. Whatever we do people will assume all Bangladeshi people are like that.

In many countries our country people had gone. Many of them are well educated; they lived in town, and have idea about modern life. Now there are other kinds of people too who lives in village, some of them even never ride on a bus. When that person went to western world with plane, you can’t imagine how they will behave. Many of them make so wrong attitude that even other Bangladeshi people falls in shame.

My suggestion is when we know people are going abroad for the first time, we should give them some idea how to use modern technology, how we should behave with other person, some necessary English.

Otherwise people from other countries will get very wrong feeling about Bangladesh and Bangladeshi people.
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