Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What should be the main news on all over the world?

If we see the news channels all over the world, in most of the country, we will see, the main news they are giving is about dead people. Where, how many people are died. May be they guessed people likes to know about dead.

It’s true it’s important news, that we should aware and stop this. But I am sure most of the viewers are involved with other good works and they don’t watch news channels to know mainly about dead.

I have seen news in Chinese world (Chine, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc), their news are little different. They also tell us about dead but that’s not their main news. Their main news is on development. Where, how someone invented something and how it’s working. What make a group of people to go upwards? I liked this. This encourages people to make better thing, not only to be upset to know about deaths. 
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