Thursday, January 9, 2014

Does your kid ever see our national flower?

This picture is from given wallpapers of a cell phone

If you ask any Bangladeshi, “Which is our national flower?” people will reply water lily (in Bangla, Shapla). Now if you ask which color of lily is our national flower, then some people may hesitate to answer. The answer is White water lily. Even my son knows it.

Now if you ask, did you ever see it? New generation, who lives in city, will answer “NO”. Do you have any idea how it looks, its size, how it feels when touched? All answer will be “NO”. This is our city life. Our kids even have no idea how our national flower look like. Well, parent may show them in front of “Sonali Bank”, which is called “Shapla Chattor (water lily square)”. 
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