Saturday, January 11, 2014

For good we have to stay together

Photo credit: Tameem

No matter, how much we avoid each other, we are living in the same world and sharing everyday each other’s space. Here nothing is only for our good or for others; everything has impact on all, directly or indirectly.

No good work can be continued by only one person. They will need others help to continue their work and spread it. We know all the rocks on this galaxy or beyond that are very far from us. It took several years that for one astrologist can’t see the complete path. So, one may help to start one voyagers and next generation or may took more generations to see the actual picture of a new rock.

You alone can’t do all or all good work. You have to adjust with others for the bigger good. This is our world, we have to live here and have to make it better for our future generation. Let’s help each other to make it better. No matter how much we hate each other, we have to work together. A good work is much more worth than any personal clash.
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