Thursday, January 23, 2014

It’s difficult for me to adjust with this world

I have heard, in my childhood I was very friendly. I use to mix with any person with any age. If any kid came to our house, I always tried them to stay with us by giving toys and by telling many stories. But day by day I changed. I changed because in many ways I found negativity (off course I have many negative things too) in people and I tried to avoid that. The only safe solution for me was to stay away from them. Soon I became alone. I forget how to spend time with others. I started enjoying my life by reading books, drawing pictures, singing, dancing etc.

But real life is very complex. I can’t stay alone. I am living in a society, taking benefits from it and I have to maintain some rules. Now for work and other things I had to mix with people. The difficulty is I am not good in talking, not good in continuing any relationship, my headache starts if any one’s attitude hurts me, people easily can hurt be by their words or attitude. I am trying to accept this world. Trying to solve all problems or where I feel bad. It’s too difficult for me. But I will try and continue trying. I don’t have any option to get rid of these problems…
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