Sunday, January 5, 2014

Many times we guesses wrong when assuming

When we meet someone online or offline, they create an impression inside us. Sometimes when we talk with other person online, many times we felt that this is the same person. They are talking in same way. And many times we finally found we were right. Sometimes we misunderstood. We may talk with that person or id by assuming that this is actually that person. After long time we get to know that we were wrong. Actually they are different person. These are very common scenario in online communication.

In real life sometimes we felt from inside we are communicating with someone. We are sharing our feelings. Sometimes we felt some other person is thinking about us. We guess that is the person. And sometimes we understood, we guessed wrong. Actually some other was holding us, instead of the person we guessed.

Really very difficult is this assuming part of our mind. It always shows the similarities and starts assuming. It always takes us to better thinking of a situation to calm down us and give better feeling. And many times it gives wrong info only to make us feel better.

I think no matter how hard the truth is, it should come in front us as soon as possible. We better live with truth than good dream.
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