Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Need a travel guide to Bangladesh

Peacock at Dhaka zoo, photo credit: Tameem

In our country there are many beautiful places. To some places we can go very easily and to some we had to make some adventure. Some place we have in our own area (walking distance), some need days to visit. Though it is a small country but we have many varieties in landscape and beauty.

I wish have a web site, from where we can easily find a place to visit searching by budget, area etc. From where we will know what are the place available to visit (with picture and description), hotel facilities (with contact info), how to go there (every possibilities), what are the things we can do over there, special food of that place etc.

Then any visitor can plan to go there from anywhere of our country and from anywhere of the world. We should also have the list of travel guide available in our country. Which company offer what, should mention there too, with their contact info.

We can easily get sponsor from hotels, rental car, travel agencies, spot owners, resorts etc. There should also have option to add more places or add more info about any place. Admin may check and then add it on their site.

It can be something like travel guide to Bangladesh. It will be helpful for not only Bangladeshis but also foreign visitor.

We can also have info about special events which occurs regularly (yearly, monthly etc). Like Pohela boishakh, Jobbor er boli khela, Nouka baich, international trade fair, other fairs etc. So that if anyone wants to see any even can plan how to go there and enjoy.

And for every success in our country we need political stability… Allah may help us.
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