Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our life may not important for others, but it is for us

Shafeen asked me to let him work, then kept busy for hours

If you think about the Earth from the universe, you won’t see it. It’s too tiny. On this Earth there are some creature lives that you can’t see with only eyes, you will need microscope. Whether you care or not all life goes on. This way or that way, actually it’s in their own way. Sometimes many distractive works may make life difficult but it goes on (if it’s alive). So, let’s go on with this life. And enjoy where we are and whatever we are. No need to care about others let them live their life. And also we should try to make our life better. Rest depends on Allah. We can’t see future, we can’t bring back past. So, whatever moment we have, that’s all we have. No need to lose that by regretting for others.
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