Friday, January 3, 2014

We should aware to save our world

photo credit: Tameem

“Pollution”, we heard this word many times. Sometimes we care; sometimes we felt this is just a word. Reality is, it’s a slow coming great disaster, if we don’t became aware of it. We always felt, what will happen if I through just a plastic chips pack into the water. You have no idea how it can block water flow, what may happen when any water creature eat it, even how birds can get affected and in the long run how poor effect it can bring. It won’t take much effort or time to put that plastic packet into the dustbin.

What will happen if we don’t care to save our natural resources? We may not get much affected but our future generation will. Do you want your kid to fall in terrible environmental crisis? Of course not, then try to be little careful while using water, gas, electricity, oil etc.

Preventing is always better than cure.
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