Friday, February 7, 2014

My gardening

Shafeen working on mom’s garden, he was 3 years and 10 months old

When I was a kid, we had to write what is our hobby or what we do in our leisure time. On those days I didn’t know what I actually like to do in my free times (I use to do many things). Even I didn’t know what my hobby (I like to do uncountable things, if possible) is. After thinking a lot I found I can say, I like gardening and. I spend time in garden in my leisure. But truth is I didn’t work on garden much. At least I can’t say it’s my hobby, though I like gardening and plants.

My mother use to do her gardening on roof. It was on 5th floor. Every afternoon I had to go there and give water to the plants. Then one day she gave me a wild flower plant in a pot and said, it’s your plant, you will take care of it. I did a very good care of that and it still alive in my mom’s garden, though I don’t look after it after my married. It was given when I was in school.

Now I am thinking I will grow some coriander leaf, green chili etc  in pots beside my kitchen window. It will bring me fresh flavor in my cooking J
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