Saturday, March 15, 2014

As a parent

When you became parent, you are not just giving birth of a child. You started building the kid’s life. If you make one mistake, your kid’s life can be destroyed. For your one good step, your kid can have a tremendous life.

Sometime we the parents don’t care to show our love to our kid. We think we are doing hard work to build their life, they will understand automatically that we love them a lot. Yes, they will, but they won’t learn how to love other, how to show their sweet affection, not to you too. They might look rude always.

When we go outside, we let them play independently. But we always should keep an eye on them. Sometimes while playing, they might make big mistake and get injured, which may cause trouble for the rest of their life.

In Bangladesh, from very beginning of educational life, we start giving pressure on our kid; don’t care about their little life, little happiness, and little freedom. Actually we are destroying their childhood. After grownup when they will think about their childhood, they will scare. Moreover, we are damaging their brain permanently. Afterwards, they will forget how to think out of the box or showing their creativity.

When we choose their educational path, some may think, my kid is not good in math, I better make them study in arts (where the kid might like and understand science very much). We should remember Einstein wasn’t good in math too. Once we made this mistake your kid has to handover on many subjects that they might are very good.

Some parents don’t give all vaccine to their kids on time, sometimes because of laziness, sometimes in fear of side effect or many other reasons. Just think, (may Allah not do so) if the kid get effected by those virus, then what will you do? Do you want to let suffer your kid?
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