Monday, March 3, 2014

For few people’s hard work, we all get benefited

Whenever you want to do anything, first you have to think what worse effect can happen with it. There is a saying “Hope for the best andprepare for the worse”. We face this mostly in our career. If you step any wrong step, you might face big problem. Then in student life, you can’t say or do just anything, you have to keep in mind about your academic life. Finally we had to alert for political reason. You can’t just say anything what you felt or faced. You can’t take risk to ruin you and your family’s life.

But still there are some people who stand up without fearing anything. Sometimes they had to pay it with their life. Most of the time we all get benefit of their work, without knowing how we got it and who paid for this. They are the heroes. I respect them.
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