Sunday, March 23, 2014

I have increased my tolerance level

I and my son

Everyone has some patience level. Most of the people think, including me, we have enough patience. And day by day it’s growing. I can measure that…

Previously when I sit with my son to help (or make him study) in study, I use to shout; sometimes I couldn't stop myself to hit him. But now, I have increased my patience level. Now a day I keep saying gently to write to my son…

I usually don’t allow bad comments in my blog or FB status. Previously I use to block those persons that they won’t be able to disturb anymore. But now a day I tolerate them as much as possible… unless they attack me badly that I can’t hold myself to delete their comment… Then I stop answering them… finally if they continue hurting me (with their words) I delete them. Then no matter what they say or do, I don’t have to see that.
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