Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sometimes Man understands woman’s problem

In our country there are some pains of a woman which man never wants to understand. Like the pain given to his wife by his family. They say, make compromise, sacrifice, be noble, have patient etc. If you ask them to do same (listen bad words from your parent, face many difficulty in many ways) they will never agree.

Sometimes you will feel that he is not getting your point. But you will notice, what they want about their own baby girl. They will say, they will never give their girl’s marry to a family where the boy live with his mom. They don’t want any mother in law for their own kid. Guess why….

Again some will say they will bring a son in law at his house and keep his daughter in front of his eye… why? Actually they can see some problem but don’t want to bring you out from it, because they want their own benefit only… not yours.
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