Monday, June 30, 2014


Shafeen was feeling very sleepy, still couldn't stop playing. He was 3 years and 10 months old

Passion is something that will drive you away, wherever you want to go. It won’t see, whether it is bad or good. It won’t stop until you succeed. And then it will take you farther… So, if you have passion about anything (not harmful to others), go with it. Win the world. You will be benefited and your world too…

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is why woman don’t want to let her son go

If I had little cough, my son (5 years old) run and bring me water. If I had headache, he sits beside me and put his hand on my head, to heal me. If I say, I am not feeling good, he stays beside me or play beside me to make me feel better. Whatever he eats, give me some to taste. He said, when he grow up, he won't work, but will do all work of me... may be because of these no woman likes her daughter in law. Because, after marry, his son's main love and focus goes to his wife. This should be. And a mother can't tolerate this. Because except her son, no one really take care of her, or give emphasis on her. So, she tries heart and soul to keep her son with her, and make the daughter in law look enemy to her son, because she has nowhere to go, except her son.

This thing should be change... woman should love her son, not rely her life on him. She should let him go and enjoy his own life. Woman should remember, he is her son, not part of body. He has his own life, like she should have. Love shouldn't kill other's life, it should let grow others too. If she really could make her son love her, he will always love his mom. Otherwise, mom should live her own life, without relying anyone else. Old home isn't a prisoner. It's a place where same age people can live together and enjoy their life in their own way... why should we bother others...

Friday, June 27, 2014

একাই নিজের জগতে (Sometime of her own)

প্রকৃতিগত ভাবেই প্রতি মাসে মেয়েদের একটা নিজস্ব জগত তৈরী হয়. এই সময় তাকে একাই নিজের জগতে ডুব মেরে থাকতে দেয়াই ভালো. সবাই চায় মেয়েরা যেন তার জন্য আলাদা সময় বের করে, এই করতে গিয়ে তাদের নিজের জন্য আর কোনো সময় থাকেনা. তাই কয়েকদিনের জন্য হলেও  তাকে তার মতো থাকতে দেয়া উচিত.

By nature women got some different days in a month. We should let her live in her own way this time. All wants her time everyday, because of this she cant make any time of her own. So we should give at least few days to enjoy in her own way.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This way or that way

In life, there is always a saying, “this way or that way”. That means you have to fulfill your goal. First you may go to the straightway, if fail, or if you found the path is close, you have to find other way (off course not any wrong way).

When Shafeen (my son) got fever, I strictly said to him, “you can’t play on the floor”, because, cold floor may cause more damage on him. So, my son had to find his other way. He brought up all his favorite things (including his favorite chair) on the bed. I can’t see the condition of bed after that… but he got his good solution.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If that person give me a smile, my heart sank

We all like good behavior at every place, not only in customer service. In any workplace, hospital, transport or any organization you will find some people to help you. Well nothing is free. Their charge (salary) is already included with the total cost. They should give you good behave, smile or help without asking.

But things are not that easy in Bangladesh. When someone is working for me, and that person give me a smile, my heart sank. I understand very well, that after the task, this person is going to ask money (bokshish). And I am bound to give that (not officially).

Even any person start talking with me (not related with work), I understand this person is trying to make good impression on me to ask money. And I was always right.

Few days back, one rickshaw puller started gossiping with me on the road, about the weather, his kid etc. And as suspected, that guy took double fair from me. Almost by force, in front of my house he was shouting.

From hospital when I was preparing to go home (after giving birth of my son) one nurse started taking very good care of me. I knew I have to give more money to her than other. I did. But she wasn't happy with that. So again I had to make it triple (from others) then she leave me (or let me go).

Monday, June 23, 2014

When I will be busy with my work

Shafeen playing alone at home.

অনেকদিন অনলাইনে আসতে পারিনি. আসতে পারিনি বললে ঠিক বলা হবে না. নিয়মিত yahoo মেইল চেক করেছি. FB এর মেসেজগুলোর মোবাইল নোটিফিকেশন পেয়েছি, এবং সাথে সাথে উত্তর দিয়েছি.

এখন থেকে ভাবছি এমনিই করব. রুজি রুটির উপর কথা নেই. হাতে কাজ থাকলে (freelance writing) অনলাইনে সময় কাটানো বন্ধ করে দিব. এমনিতেও, কে আর আমাকে মিস করে...

I couldn't come online for several days (not a regular thing for me). Actually I can't say that I didn't go online. I checked my yahoo email regularly (once a day) and got FB message notification in my cell phone and I answered them immediately.

Now I am thinking, I will continue this always. You know, I have to concentrate on my earning. So, whenever I will be busy with my work (freelance writing). I won't spend time on other activities, online. Well, actually I don't need to... nobody misses me...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Today I'm not in a mood to write anything..

Today I'm not in a mood to write anything... though many things running inside my mind to write it down.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Food really became tasty

I believe some people have some extra ordinary power to cook well. My son believes that too. He thinks, when he touches any food while cooking, it became sweet (meant tasty). So, he came to the kitchen and cooking (or touching) the boiling egg. Some it works too. Food really becomes tasty…

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just looking at it and see how it became worse....

When people surrounds with only troubles they can't think anything, can't do anything. Only sit back and live with all pains. Did you see this ever? In war you will see people do nothing just keep looking his broken house. Sometimes you will see this pain in lover, who has nothing to do but keep looking that the other person don't love them and they have nothing to do with it.

In Bangladesh we somewhat became like that. We know we don't have any option to reject bad one, we can only accept what we have. Like, Food. We couldn't do anything with it. Business men mixing many harmful chemicals in it and we don't have any option to get rid of it.

Pollution in air. In Dhaka city we have no option but to breathe with it.

Public service. Very poor condition. Like in communication services, Offices everywhere. What other option do we have?

So, what the inhabitant doing? Just looking at it and see how it became worse....

Sunday, June 8, 2014

তোমার ছবি (Your picture)

তোমার চোখে চোখ রেখে তাকানোর সাহস আমার নেই
ধরা পরে যাওয়ার ভয়ে
তাই ছবির দিকে তাকিয়ে থাকি
মাঝে মাঝে...

I don't have courage to look at your eyes
I fear to get caught
So I keep looking at your picture

Saturday, June 7, 2014

If you desperately want something, that wish will come to you…

In this picture he was 3 years and 10 months old.

If you want something desperately, that wish will come to you. This way or that way… it will really come to you. May be on that moment you won’t be in a position to grab it or accept it, or you may not able to make the sacrifice that you need to do to get it. But your wish will definitely come to you (I think).

My son Shafeen likes water. But he easily get cold (not like her mother). So, I don’t let him play with the water. One day I bring some warm water to sponge his body and forget to bring the soft cloth. I keep the water in the room and went out to bring the cloth. And my son got the chance. He started playing with water. You can see how happy he became, how can I stop him? He was 3 years and 9 months old.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Where should you stay?

Personality creates big impact in life. You will see, some people can say anything, like teasing others, making fun of people, using nasty words etc and people don’t mind. In other way you will also see you don’t like some peoples talk without any reason. May be the way they talk, or their personality.

We should know what our situation is. Like my son saw a girl was crying without any reason, but her mom run after her and loving her to stop her cry. When my son did same, she became very angry and scolds him. My son surprised. I wanted to explain this to my son, then thought, let him find it in his own way.

May be you like some group of people, but before you speak, you should know whether they like you too or not. If they don’t, you better leave. No matter how much you like or dislike your surroundings, if they like you, you should enjoy your time with them. They deserve your company and you deserve their love. Always respect love…

Thursday, June 5, 2014

বন্ধুত্ব (Friendship)

বন্ধু সেই.. যে বোঝে আজ কোন কারনে বন্ধুর মন খারাপ, তাই তার মনোযোগ নানাভাবে নানা দিকে সরিয়ে দেয় যেন কষ্ট কমে যায়. বন্ধু সেই.. যে এতো ভালবাসা দেয় যে সব কষ্ট ভুলে যাওয়া যায়. বন্ধু সেই... যে সব সময়ই পাশে থাকে, বিশেষ করে যখন কোন দু:সময় চলে. বন্ধু সেই... যে জানে তাকে তার বন্ধুর কত প্রয়োজন.

Friends are those... who knows, when his friends are little upset, and they take their mind in several activities that their friends can forget about their pain. Friends are those who loves their friends so much that they can't think about their pain. Friends are those.. who always stays beside them, especially in trouble. Friends are those who understand well, how badly his friend needs them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Digital era or screen era

We can say we have started a generation of screen. Now a day, people spend most of the time looking at the screen. It could be TV, Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet etc. My son has many toys, but he spends most of the time in front of any screen. That’s his favorite time pass element. Sometimes he watches cartoon on TV or desktop computer, sometimes play TV game, or games on desktop PC, Tablet or cell phone. He wants to play game on internet very much (mom don’t let him do that).

I have noticed many of his school friends plays with tablet or cell phone at home.

They don’t know how to read but how to operate cell phone. How to download games, install and play with it.

They are the generation of screens…

Monday, June 2, 2014

Cooking, my experience

Anybody can cook, but only few can make it great.  In my childhood I use to listen from elders (women) are saying, no matter what you became or how far you study, you have to spend your life in kitchen. Seems life has to be end in fire for others. Well the tone said it isn’t a life to live. Their words made me think, OK, I won’t show any interest in cooking, I won’t learn cooking, I don’t care what others think about my womanhood, I won’t cook.

Later I realize, when I cook (not regularly) for me and my surroundings I feel good. Then I can taste the food as I wanted and make others happy too.

Now things changes totally. I cook to live and for my family, sometimes in party for others. And I do it happily or sometimes to feed my son good food. It’s true that I will be happy if anyone else does this job for me. But when I cook, I can cook it as I wanted; try to keep nutrition with less preservative.

When I start cooking regularly, I found making delicious food isn’t any easy job. No matter how hard I try, if I don’t know the exact tips and steps, I can’t cook the tasty one. Another thing is concentration. To make good food, you have to try and keep trying. You have to do experimental things too.

For example I tried to cook chicken with lentil. Well that didn’t go well in regular way. But I am sure there is some tips to make these two main ingredients together and make it delicious. Someday I will know… how…