Monday, June 2, 2014

Cooking, my experience

Anybody can cook, but only few can make it great.  In my childhood I use to listen from elders (women) are saying, no matter what you became or how far you study, you have to spend your life in kitchen. Seems life has to be end in fire for others. Well the tone said it isn’t a life to live. Their words made me think, OK, I won’t show any interest in cooking, I won’t learn cooking, I don’t care what others think about my womanhood, I won’t cook.

Later I realize, when I cook (not regularly) for me and my surroundings I feel good. Then I can taste the food as I wanted and make others happy too.

Now things changes totally. I cook to live and for my family, sometimes in party for others. And I do it happily or sometimes to feed my son good food. It’s true that I will be happy if anyone else does this job for me. But when I cook, I can cook it as I wanted; try to keep nutrition with less preservative.

When I start cooking regularly, I found making delicious food isn’t any easy job. No matter how hard I try, if I don’t know the exact tips and steps, I can’t cook the tasty one. Another thing is concentration. To make good food, you have to try and keep trying. You have to do experimental things too.

For example I tried to cook chicken with lentil. Well that didn’t go well in regular way. But I am sure there is some tips to make these two main ingredients together and make it delicious. Someday I will know… how…
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