Saturday, June 28, 2014

This is why woman don’t want to let her son go

If I had little cough, my son (5 years old) run and bring me water. If I had headache, he sits beside me and put his hand on my head, to heal me. If I say, I am not feeling good, he stays beside me or play beside me to make me feel better. Whatever he eats, give me some to taste. He said, when he grow up, he won't work, but will do all work of me... may be because of these no woman likes her daughter in law. Because, after marry, his son's main love and focus goes to his wife. This should be. And a mother can't tolerate this. Because except her son, no one really take care of her, or give emphasis on her. So, she tries heart and soul to keep her son with her, and make the daughter in law look enemy to her son, because she has nowhere to go, except her son.

This thing should be change... woman should love her son, not rely her life on him. She should let him go and enjoy his own life. Woman should remember, he is her son, not part of body. He has his own life, like she should have. Love shouldn't kill other's life, it should let grow others too. If she really could make her son love her, he will always love his mom. Otherwise, mom should live her own life, without relying anyone else. Old home isn't a prisoner. It's a place where same age people can live together and enjoy their life in their own way... why should we bother others...
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